Why Vintage?

When it comes to our sweet planet, fast-fashion is quite literally a lethal weapon.

The number of consumers actively trying to reduce their personal impact on the planet is rapidly increasing, but so aren’t the newly produced clothes deceitfully marking themselves as “sustainable”.

About 60% of synthetic fabrics are made of fossil fuels and 85% of that material will end up in landfills, where it won't decay and decompose.


Most sustainable practices in fashion are strategic.

Around 55% of brands publish their annual carbon footprint, but only 19.5% are disclose their carbon emissions within the supply chain — where over half of the industry’s total emissions occur.

Upcycling is undeniably the most sustainable option on the market. Seriously, think about it. Choosing vintage is more ethical, it utilizes no additional resources with the exception of transporting the goods. As for brand new clothing..   

Buying new gets old.
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