Behind the Brand

Hi! It’s Alyce and Taylor and we’re behind the brand! Gypsy Hill is our accidental dream come true and we want to share how our shop came to be! We both grew up in Boston fishing through hand me downs and pretty much loving every minute of it. There’s nothing like the thrill of finding that 80's Fendi bag in your attic that your mom hasn't touched for decades or grabbing that Mighty Ducks Starter jacket before your cousin even knew what day it was. 

As we got older we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the fast fashion era. Yuck! Friday night’s consisted of going to the mall to buy an outfit you’d never wear again after Saturday. We missed washing our clothes and not having them fall to pieces, and honestly just not looking like everyone else. 

Eventually we began thrifting ourselves, getting high on good finds, buying designer throwbacks that we knew would never fit but just couldn’t pass up. It wasn’t until our trip to Paris in 2017, the epicenter of vintage fashion, that we grew a true appreciation for the quality, curation and sustainability of vintage clothing. Gypsy Hill was nothing more than a mirage, but this experience sealed the deal for us; we had to launch. Since 2018 we have been curating and fine tuning collections of forever pieces that we hope you will love as much as we do. 


-Alyce & Taylor